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Growing up, my family loved Christmas. It was the time of the year where everyone in our family gathered at my grandparent’s house and celebrated the holiday together. The old people would sit around a table and talk about business, the little ones would just run around with their yaya’s tailing them; my cousin and I would use a video camera to spy on my Auntie’s new suitor. After eating, the grandchildren would entertain the rest of the family by singing or dancing, and in return, they would give us “ampaos”. An ampao is basically money placed inside red chinese envelopes. Around midnight, we would all sit at the living room and exchanged gifts and everyone was happy.

Now, it’s very hard for all of us to gather in one place. Unsettled feuds and huge prides broke our family apart and no one’s trying to fix it. Now, our new family tradition, (By family this time, I meant, my father, mother and 3 siblings) is to get as far away from the family as possible.

It’s sad because the essence of Christmas is gone. I chose this picture because it reminded me of a time where everything was innocent and simple. 14572656_1097776550343958_367290399_o


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