There was once an average girl who comes from a Chinoy family. She was neither talented nor was there anything that made her stand up from all the other girls. But she was obedient to her father. She occasionally fought with her mother, but her father was someone she would not dare disobey.

That was until she reached college. Despite her father’s constant reminders to not fall in love, she did. She fell in love again, and again, and again. Her father never noticed her though. He was too preoccupied with her brothers. So she continued disobeying and hiding things from her father.

It came to a point that she loved too much and got duped. She made a mistake and her parents found out, but still they took her in. Gave her another chance to redeem herself. She slowly got her life back together. But, as expected, her father became more strict. She was not allowed to go out and spend time with her friends. She usually stays at home or at their store.

As time passed by, she slowly got her freedom back. She couldn’t go out with her friends but they could visit her. Life became somewhat better.

That was until she failed yet again. This time, it was in the form of an exam. Yet again, she disappointed her father by failing a very important and expensive test. Her father hid his disappointment well. She only felt it when she was not allowed to spend time with friends or family again.

It was then that she realized that her father was ashamed of her. Ashamed of what she became. Ashamed of how she looked, what she became, and what she had not accomplished.

She sits in her room wondering if she would ever be more than her mistakes and failures. If she will ever redeem herself to her family. If she will ever get her life straight again.


This story may or may not be real. 🙂



Till I Write Again…



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